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PD011-907NP LMI (PD) Series Manual Adjustable | 14 Gpd / 250 Psi | 115v


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LMI Series PD Metering Pump.
0.25 GPH; 450 PSI, 115 VAC 50/60 Hz, US Plug.
(Machined FastPrime Head, Double Ball Check Valves)

Manual Control
Speed (stroking frequency) manually adjustable.

See Specifications and Downloads tabs for detailed specifications and features.

General Description
LMI Series PD models starting PD0 chemical metering pumps are positive displacement, Liquifram type pumps.
Pump Controls
Stroke frequency is manually adjustable with a split-scale dial which ensures precision, even at lower flow rates. Stroke length is fixed to maintain calibration across the adjustable range. Models with FastPrime liquid ends allow for fast and easy priming with an integrated bleed valve. Models with AutoPrime liquid ends are designed specifically for off-gassing liquids
Drive Assembly
The pump drive shall be totally enclosed with no exposed moving parts. Electronics shall be housed in chemical resistant enclosure at the rear of the pump for maximum protection against chemical spillage.
Pressure Relief
The LMI 4-Function Valve is recommended with a FastPrime or AutoPrime Liquid End to provide automatic pressure relief.
Materials of Construction
See Specifications tab. Chemical metering pump housing shall be of rugged construction with NEMA 4X/IP 65 housing for the harshest environments and outdoor use. Valve seat and seal ring shall be renewable by replacing only the combination seat-seal ring or cartridge valve assembly.
Check Valve, Tubing, Connections
A total of 16 ft (4.8 m) of tubing shall be provided per pump complete with compressing connections (on models with tubing connections). A foot valve with integral one piece strainer shall be provided for the suction line (on non-high viscosity models with tubing connections), and an injection check/back pressure valve with 1/2″ NPT male connection for the injection point (on models with tubing connections).

Product Type: Diaphragm Metering Pump, Solenoid Driven
Brand: LMI
Product Line: Series PD
Max Flow (GPH): 0.25
Max Flow (GPD): 6.00
Max Pressure (PSI): 450
Max Viscosity (CPS): 400
Max Strokes per Minute: 160
Flow Control: Manual Control
Turn Down Ratio: 200:1
Head/Fittings: 316SS / 316SS (Machined FastPrime Head, Double Ball Check Valves)
Valve Balls: 316SS
Diaphragm: Fluorofilm
Valve / Seat / O-Ring: 316SS/PTFE
Connections: Pipe 1/4″ NPT M
Power Supply: 115 VAC 50/60 Hz, US Plug
Net Weight: 10 lbs
Includes: Quick Start Guide
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