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Total Iron Test 0-10 Ppm Color Disk


Product Code: L147320

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(0 -10 PPM High Range Total Iron)  Color Disk Comparator.  Complete with start up reagent set.


Case Style B
Footnote *mg/L unless otherwise noted, ppb = µg/L, ppm = mg/L.; gpg = grains per gallon; 1 gpg = 17.1 mg/L or 17.1 ppm.
Method Name Color disc/
1,10 Phenanthroline
Model IR-18
Model IR-18
Number of tests 100
Parameter Iron
Parameter Iron, medium range – as Fe
Platform Color Disc
Range Medium Single Range
Range 0 – 4 mg/L Fe
Smallest Increment 0.1
Standard Range 0 – 4 mg/L Fe
Type Single Metric
What’s included? Includes one reagent, two color discs, comparator box, two viewing tubes, instructions and carrying case

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