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PURTEST Iron Hardness Plus Water Test Kit

PUREP 0300


Product Type: Bleed Valve Assembly
Brand: Pulsafeeder

Product Features

Tests 8 Different ContaminantsKit includes 2 tests each for tests for nitrates, nitrites, chlorine, iron, copper, pH, alkalinty, and hardness

Test at HomeDetailed instructions and a results chart allow you test test the water in your own home in a matter of minutes rather then paying a lab several hundred dollars to do it in a couple weeks!

Nitrates & NitritesThese contaminants can cause blue baby syndrome and are usually the result of contamination by fertilizers, or human and/or animal waste

ChlorineChlorine is typically used on city water supplies or well water to treat for bacteria and aid in oxidation of other contaminants in your water. However, excessive levels can lead to dry skin and have been linked to cancer

IronIron typically occurs naturally in water and in levels above 0.3 ppm can cause red-orange staining on fixtures, plumbing, toilets, sinks, and on dishes and laundry

CopperCopper occurs naturally in small amounts, but in levels above 1 ppm, it can poison red blood cells and cause jaundice, anemia, and other health problems

Acidity (Low pH)Acidic water with a pH lower than 6.8 can be corrosive to both copper and galvanized plumbing and cause damage to water fixtures, especially hot water heaters

Alkalinity (High pH)Alkaline water with a pH higher than than 10.0 (or 180 ppm) can cause dry skin conditions and typically has an unpleasant taste

HardnessHardness is generally determined by the presence of calcium and magnesium in the water. It is recommended to treat hardness levels above 3 grains per gallon (gpg), as it can cause scaly build-up on faucets and plumbing, shorten the lifespan of water-using appliances, and reduce the efficency of soaps and detergents


Product Description

There are numerous contaminants in water that can be harmful to your health and/or your home’s plumbing, fixtures, and applicances. The Iron Hardness Plus Water Test Kit provides a reliable, convenient way to check your water supply for 8 contaminants and conditions. The EPA-based laboratory-certified kit allows you to screen for: Nitrates, Nitrites, Chlorine, Iron, Copper, pH, Alkalinity, and Hardness. Contains two tests for each contaminant.