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RC-100 Irrigation Rust Prevention Chemical


Product Code: RC-100-P5

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Prevents red water stains, rust, and scale formation.
RC-100 does not contain muriatic, phosphoric acids, or chlorides and is safe to use around plants and pets.
RC-100 is a liquid compound specifically formulated for the specialized prevention of mineral stains on municipal buildings, condominiums, homes, sidewalks, and driveways.
RC-100 is a highly concentrated formulation compounded to be used in Rust Master and sprinkler systems.
Dosages of RC-100 are normally started at 2-4 parts per million and continued at this dosage for a period of 3 to 6 months depending on iron and water hardness, sprinkler pump size and nature of the stain. Thereafter dosage levels may be decreased to 1-3 parts per million.
RC-100 is mixed with water in holding tank and injected into sprinkler systems on a gradual and continuous basis.
RC-100 provides three distinct and separate actions.
  1. It prevents the formation of rust and red water stains on buildings.
  2. It’s superior sequestering action prevents the formation of rust and scale deposits from pipe and distribution systems.
  3. Because RC-100 contains no harmful acids or chlorides it protects against corrosion, pitting, and damaged plant life.


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