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HDR – P5 5 Gallon – Hydrochlor Scale Preventer



HYDROCHLOR is a blend of chemicals in liquid form which acts as a sequestering and stabilizing agent. Active
ingredients include: sodium hexametaphosphate, mono sodium phosphate, sodium acid pyrophosphate and
sodium hydroxide.

HYDROCHLOR, due to its chemical content and the method of manufacture, has the ability to control the
scale-forming properties of substances such as calcium, magnesium, iron, sulfur and manganese which are
inactivated and held in solution as stable compounds.


The HYDROCHLOR formulation is safe. Moreover, the chemical blend used in the manufacture of
HYDROCHLOR is regularly applied by municipal water treatment plants.

HYDROCHLOR was developed for the specific purpose of forestalling scale formations in the valves and
injection assembly of chlorination systems.

HYDROCHLOR is sold by 1 gallon, 5-gallon buckets, and also available in a 55-gallon drum.

For best results, 12 ounces of HYDROCHLOR concentrate should be used
for each15-gallon amount of solution (combined chlorine and water)
in the supply tank.
1. Add proper amount of HYDROCHLOR to supply tank.
2. Add required amount of water.
3. Add required amount of chlorine.
EXAMPLE: For 15-gallon total solution add 12 ounces HYDROCHLOR