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X003-XA-AAAAXXX Pulsafeeder 100 Metering Pump 3 GPD, 100 PSI, 115 VAC Manual Control


Brand: Pulsafeeder
Product Code: X003-XA-AAAAXXX

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CHEM-TECH Series 100 Metering Pump 3 GPD @ 100 PSI, 115 VACManual Control Stroke length is manually adjustable.
General Description Pulsafeeder CHEM-TECH Series 100/150 chemical metering pumps are positive displacement, diaphragm type pumps. Output volume is adjustable while pumps are in operation from zero to maximum capacity. The CHEM-TECH Series 100 is the standard by which all other dosing pumps are judged. CHEM-TECH Series 100/150 pumps with motorized-diaphragm technology deliver dependable performance and extended longevity. The Series 100/150 provides quiet, consistent metering over long periods of time in a compact form. Pump Controls Adjustment is by means of readily accessible lockable dial knob for changing stroke length. The knob is located opposite the liquid handling end. Drive Assembly The pump drive is totally enclosed with no exposed moving parts. A tried-and-true electric motor transfers power via a sealed gearbox and eccentric cam for smooth, reliable dosing. Materials of Construction See Specifications tab. The compact, injection-molded housing and pump head offer both affordability and chemical resistance. All exposed fasteners are stainless steel. Valve seat and seals are renewable by replacement. Pulsafeeder CHEM-TECH Series 100/150 Chemical Metering Pump - Key Features
  • Guided Quad Check Valve System.
  • Bleed Valve Assembly Standard on tube connection models.
  • Feed Rate Control.
  • Reliable metering performance.
  • Sealed gear train.
  • Easy tube change-out.
  • Self priming.
  • Chemical resistant materials.
  • Simple installation.


Product Type: Diaphragm Metering Pump, Mechanically Driven
Brand: Pulsafeeder
Product Line: Chem-Tech Series 100
Max Flow (GPH): 0.13
Max Flow (GPD): 3
Max Pressure (PSI): 100
Max Viscosity (CPS): 300
Max Strokes per Minute: 7
Flow Control: Manual Control
Turn Down Ratio: 10:1
Head/Fittings: Clear PVC/PVC
Valve Balls: Ceramic
Diaphragm: CSPE
Valve / Seat / O-Ring: CSPE
Connections: Tubing 7/16″ O.D. PVC (Suction), 3/8″ O.D. PE (Return), 1/2″ O.D. PE (Discharge)
Power Supply: 115 VAC 60 Hz, US Plug
Operating Modes: Manual
Net Weight: 8.0 lbs
Includes: A weighted foot valve/strainer assembly, a bleed valve assembly, a 1/2″ NPT male injection fitting/back pressure check valve assembly, 4′ suction tubing, 4′ bleed/return tubing, 8′ discharge tubing and Owners Manual.

Additional information

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Chem Tech Series 100-150 Manual.pdf

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