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R12-0600-2 Reverse Osmosis System



Standard Features in Package 1: Stainless steel frame Automatic inlet valve Pre-filter housing and cartridge, 10″ Procon pump (brass) 1/2 HP motor 2 1/2″ liquid filled pump pressure gauge Stainless steel pressure vessel(s) Needle valve for concentrate and recycle lines SS check valve for product water Product pressure switch with Auto/Off Low-pressure shut-off with automatic restart Additional

Features in Package 2: Pre-filter pressure gauges Product water flow meter Reject water flow meter

Additional Features in Package 3: Automatic fast flush for concentrate Compact, wall mounted systems. Four models for flow rates to 1200 GPD.

Options: Stainless steel leg kit Product water float switch Whole house option* *Includes 300 gal tank, product water float switch, and repressurization pump with built in controls.

Notes: Maximum production are based on 77F feed water, SDI < 3, 1000 ppm TDS, and pH of 8. Please see water temperature conversion charts to determine actual production rate for each installation. Chlorine reduction and other pre-treatment may be required. Membrane rejection rates arebased on membrane manufacturer’s specifications. Pre-filter is Flow-Pro FPMB5-978 melt blown cartridge. Systems are designed for use with municipal and well water.

Feed water connection:1/2″ NPT
No. of membranes:1.0
Wt. (lbs.):60.0
Typical rejection:0.98
Membrane size:2-1/2″x40″
Recovery (adjustable):15 – 75 %
Pump:1/2 HP
Electrical requirement:120 v / 60 Hz
Drain requirement (maximum):2.4 GPM
Feed water pressure requirement (minimum):10 PSI
Feed water requirement (maximum):2.4 GPM
Product water & reject water connection (tubing):3/8″
Listing ID:57520179