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NANCO-C Advantage Bleed and Feed Controller


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The NanoTron compact units are designed to automate various applications. Simple step through menu provides user-defined configuration.

Note: All NanoTron units have 2 control relays max, except for corrosion units which have 1 powered relay and 1 dry contact relay.

NANO-C units provide cold water (tower or loop) conductivity control and a single selectable timer.

The NanoTron line provides a compact dual relay microprocessor based controller with many standard features and the flexibility to adapt to a variety of applications. There are several different basic function models available.

Key Features:

Compact Design
Simple Step Through Menu
Raised Dome Keypad
Non-Volatile Memory
2 Year Warranty
Prewired Configuration
Two Mechanical Relays
Force-On Relay Timer

NanoTron N, mA Input, Feed Timer, Water Treatment Controller

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