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NANO-R Advantage ORP Controller


1000 in stock

The NanoTron compact units are designed to automate various applications. Simple step through menu provides user-defined configuration.

Note: All NanoTron units have 2 control relays max, except for corrosion units have 1 powered relay and 1 dry contact relay

NANO-R units provide ORP monitoring and a single selectable timer.

The NanoTron line provides a compact dual relay microprocessor based controller with many standard features and the flexibility to adapt to a variety of applications. There are several different basic function models available.

Key Features:

Compact Design
Simple Step Through Menu
Raised Dome Keypad
Non-Volatile Memory
2 Year Warranty
Prewired Configuration
Two Mechanical Relays
Force-On Relay Timer

Advantage Controls warrants control systems of its manufacture to be free of defects in material or workmanship. Liability under this policy extends for 24 months from date of installation. Liability is limited to repair or replacement of any failed equipment or part proven defective in material or workmanship upon manufacturer’s examination. Removal and installation costs are not included under this warranty. Manufacturer’s liability shall never exceed the selling price of equipment or part in question. Advantage disclaims all liability for damage by its products caused by improper installation, maintenance, use or attempts to operate products beyond their intended functionality, intentionally or otherwise, or any unauthorized repair. Advantage is not responsible for damages, injuries or expenses incurred through the use of its products. The above warranty is in lieu of other warranties, either expressed or implied. No agent of ours is authorized to provide any warranty other than the above.

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