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HM Digital Dual Control Dosing/Injection TDS Controller


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The CIC controllers can monitor and control dosing and/or injection systems. This unit will control 2 separate systems.


    • Monitors and controls dosing or injection systems
    • Large, bright tri-color L.E.D. display
    • Two adjustable set points keep TDS levels within a range (maximum and minimum TDS/EC levels)
    • Minimum and maximum control points will activate relay controls via switching dry contacts
    • The CIC-152 can control two different devices (e.g., a pump and a valve)
    • Two alarms (maximum and minimum levels) can be set independently of the control points
    • Digital calibration
    • On-screen temperature display
    • On-screen range & control indicator lights (green, yellow, or red)
    • Includes one sensor probe
    • Available with the 442TM conversion factor (model CIC-152-4)
TDS Range 0 – 8500 ppm (CIC-152-4)
EC Range 0 – 9999 µS
Temperature Range 1-80°C; 33-176°F
Accuracy ±2% (of the reading)
Resolution 0.1 ppm (0-999); 1 ppm (1000-9999)
ATC Yes (1 – 80 degrees Celsius)
Calibration Digital (by push button)
Factory Calibration 1413 µS
Conversion Factor CIC-152-4: 442 (0.4-0.7)
Set Points: Adjustable by push buttons. Control Point 2 Maximum TDS Limit. Control Point 1: Lower TDS Level.
Relay Control The unit will transmit an analog signal (simple switch) via open or closed contacts to a device (e.g. pump/valve) when the ppm/µS level reaches the maximum TDS/EC limit (Control Point 2) or the minimum TDS/EC limit (Control Point 1).
The contacts are switched back to the normal position once the TDS returns to the acceptable range
Relay Voltage 5V (attached devices must have their own power supply)
Alarm Two independent alarms (set by the user)
Display Bright 5/8″ L.E.D. display
Probe 1/2″ bushing (NPT), 3 meters (9.8 ft) shielded cable (model SP-1-PSC)
Power Source AC 110V / AC 220V
Dimensions 7.2 x 7.2 x 11.1 cm (2.8 x 2.8 x 4.4 in.)
Monitor Weight 241 g (8.5 oz)
Total (Shipping) Weight 610 g (1 lb 5.5 oz)
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