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DC4500-111A-2 LMI Cooling Tower Conductivity Controller|dual biocide|probe & flow switch


LMI Liquitron Conductivity Controller
Microprocessor-Based, Cooling Tower conductivity controller with dual biocide, adjustable lockout timer, prebleed, four [4] programmable inhibitor feed options, and 4-20 mA (non-isolated) recorder output. 0- 20,000 uS /cm control range.
115 VAC, 50/60 Hz USA Plug. 6 ft. (2m) grounded power cord and plug, and four [4] 1 ft. (30 cm) output power cords with grounded recepticles for controlled devices.
Three (3) Pump Output Power Cables (115VAC recepticles).
Cooling Tower Carbon Probe and Manifold Assembly with Flow Switch, Sample Valve and 10ft (3m) Cable Assembly.

Product Type: Conductivity Controller
Brand: LMI
Product Line: Liquitron DC4500 Series
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