DC4000-11 LMI Cooling Tower Conductivity Controller w|probe & tee


Brand: LMI Liquid Metronics Inc.
Product Code: DC4000-11

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LMI Liquitron Cooling Tower Conductivity Controller Microprocessor-Based, Cooling Tower Conductivity Controller with four [4] programmable inhibitor feed options, 4-20 mA (nonisolated) recorder output. 0- 20,000 uS /cm control range. 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 6 foot grounded power cord with USA Plug and 2 x 1 foot output power cords with grounded recepticles for controlled devices. Cooling Tower Carbon Probe and 3/4 inch Female Slip Schedule 80 PVC Tee with 10 ft (3m) Cable Assembly (Manifold # 34758) in this configuration.


Additional information

Product Type: Conductivity Controller
Brand: LMI
Product Line: Liquitron DC4000 Series
Class: Cooling Tower