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CCR40X7F5 4 Station Corrosion Coupon Rack (3/4″ PVC Piping), with option: X7F5


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Pulsafeeder 4 Station Corrosion Coupon Rack (3/4″ PVC Piping) Built to ASTM Specifications

Pulsafeeder’s Corrosion Coupon Rack Systems are designed to provide reliable, convenient side stream monitoring using ASTM standard coupons and are hydrostatically tested for maximum system performance exceeding industry standards. Available for cool or hot water systems, these simple and reliable coupon test stations are typically installed on the side stream of re-circulating systems to allow for controlled testing of ASTM standard coupons samples. Samples are periodically removed and examined by a laboratory in order to calculate corrosion rates and other effects such as pitting and deposition.


  • Schedule 80 PVC piping assembly and components for standard applications
  • Designed to ASTM specifications
  • Wall mountable for easy installation
  • Accepts ASTM test coupons
  • Mounted on 1/4 inch Poly panel

Standard Coupon Rack Systems Include: PVC coupon holder, nylon screw and nut, PVC inlet ball valve, Schedule 80 PVC piping mounted on 1/4 inch Poly. System does not include coupons – order coupons separately.

This Model Includes the following Options/Modifications:

  • Outlet ball valve
  • Flow control valve 5 GPM
Product Type: Corrosion Coupon Rack
Brand: Pulsafeeder
Material: PVC
Color: Gray
Max Pressure (PSI): 150 psi (10.4 bar), 140 °F (60 °C)
Flow Control: Flow control valve 5 GPM.
Connections: 3/4 in. (19 mm) PVC piping Schedule 80
Mount Type: 1/4 inch Poly Panel
Sections: 4 Station
Overall Dimensions: Panel Size: 28 in. H x 22 in. W (711 x 559 mm)
Includes: Outlet ball valve, Flow control valve 5 GPM.
Notes: System does not include coupons
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