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16-171-81-1 Pulsafeeder Level Wand, 42″


Pulsa-Catalog WTS



Pulsafeeder-resistance-guide WTS


Pulsafeeder Level Wand, 42″
Adjustable to 42in (106.7cm)
PVC and Polypropylene Material
For: Liquid Level Monitor Models 16-171-80 & 16-171-80-2
Provides low power level switch contact output for PLC, pumps, etc.

This Pulsafeeder Liquid Level Control/Alarm has an adjustable level wand. Their unique design separates the control circuitry from the level wand, allowing the fiberglass control box to be mounted on the wall to avoid contact with corrosive chemical vapors. The level wand is designed to be inserted into a chemical container with a 2 inch bung hole. The wand can then be adjusted to the proper level and secured in place. The low voltage cable connects the control box to the level wand. The wand is made of PVC and Polypropylene.

Wand Weight: 2lbs / 0.9kg
Wand Dimensions: 46 x 0.75in / 116.8 x 1.9cm

Product Type: Liquid Level Monitor
Brand: Pulsafeeder
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