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Stenner’s Newly Designed Pump Head

The Stenner Pump Company has just developed the new quick pro pump head. We are really excited about this head because you can now replace the tube without running the pump or having to use a screw driver. Plus the Stenner tube assemblies were redesigned as well. The tube fittings are now molded directly onto the tube creating a much stronger tube assembly. This tube makes a great addition to this new pump head.

This new pump head is pretty cleaver. The roller assembly collapses to allow the tube to be placed inside the head without the pump having to be turned on. Now there is no more having to feed the tube little by little turning the pump on and off. Once the tube is placed inside the pump head the roller assembly expands against the tube. This is accomplished by flipping the tube housing cover over and using it as a tool to expand the rollers. Its fast and its easy. Stenner has already started shipping the new designed pump so look for it in your next shipment. If you have any questions concerning this or anything else in our extensive equipment line please don’t hesitate to call us.