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RC-100 Rust Sequestering Chemical

Our RC-100 rust sequestering chemical has been concentrated even more to give you the very best in stopping red rust stains from your sprinkler systems.

It works for all levels of iron and other contaminants. We sell our chemical by the 5 gallon pail shipped via UPS or by a 55 gallon drum shipped via truck at reduced pricing. This liquid compound is specifically formulated to stop red water stains from forming on buildings and walkways when watering from a well. RC-100 contains only neutral linear phosphates and it’s completely biodegradable and safe for all plants and animals.

Our professional injection systems are designed for outdoor use and made to last for many years of operation. We use Pulsafeeder, LMI and Stenner chemical metering pumps depending on your particular application.

Call one of our experienced sales people for helping in sizing your injection system. We can ship the same day we receive your order.