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VTF-5HP Neptune Bypass (Pot) Feeder Flat Bottom 5 Gallon





Neptune’s “VTF” series is their most well-liked and affordable pass feeder. A “Dish Bottom Out” is what is called for. A 4″ wide mouth cap made by Neptune Pump is part of the “DBF” Neptune series. These caps close effortlessly with a hand and have a square section o-ring seal. Specifications of the Neptune VTF-5HP:
Filter bag kit optional.
Six pack of spare filter bags is an optional item.
5 – gallons in size.
300 PSI rating.

Maximum Pressure (PSI) 300 psi (2068 kPa)
Part Number VTF10HP
Part Type By-Pass Feeder
Product Notes 4″ Closure
Receiver Size (Gallons) 10
Type Vertical Style- Dish Bottom In
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