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UD001-238NU LMI Unidose 115V Dosing Pump


Brand: LMI Liquid Metronics Inc.
Product Code: UD001-238NU


UniDose's [ UD ] Chemical Feed Pump is designed to pump Chlorine (Bleach), Rust Removers (Inhibitors), and other chemicals into Well Water and Irrigation systems. The pump can be adjusted from [ 1 to 24 Gallons per Day (GPD) ] up to a Max Pressure of [ 80 PSI ]. Universal power supply with US 115V or US 230V cords available. Manufactured by LMI. Replaces all legacy UniDose U Pump Models (e.g. U041-281TT, U141-281TT, etc.) Key Specs
Feed Max 1 GPH
Feed Min 0.01 GPH
Pressure Max 80 psi
Stroke Rate 160 SPM



Feed Max


Feed Min

0.01 GPH

Pressure Max

80 psi

Feed Max

3.79 LPH

Feed Min

0.04 LPH

Pressure Max

5.5 bar

Stroke Rate

160 SPM

Suction Lift

5 ft

Suction Lift

1.5 m


3 %

Stroke Length

0.047 in

Stroke Volume

0.39 ml

Power Supply

Universal or Dual 115/230V

Power Input

36 W

Power Connections

US 115V – NEMA 5/15 – Type B

IO Connections

Inputs: Power

Control Methods

  • Manual | Stroke Frequency (Speed) Control

Operating Modes

  • Manual Control

Drive Mechanism

Electronic Solenoid – Lost Motion

Fluid Mechanism

Mechanically Actuated Diaphragm

Accessory Valve


Pressure Sensor

Not Included

Temp Sensor

Not Included

Leak Detection

Not Included

Stroke Counter

Not Included

Flow Measurement

Not Included

Slow Mode

Not Included

Auto Degas

Not Included

High Viscosity

Not Included

Additional information