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J61462-LF Pulsafeeder Corporation Stop Assembly, 0.75 AWWA, 18in PVC Injection


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Pulsafeeder Corporation Stop Assembly, 0.75 AWWA, 18″ PVC Injection.

This Reduced Lead Compliant Corporation Stop adheres to the Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act used in contact with potable water.

Corporation Stops provide two distinct advantages over a simple tap connection into large main pipes:

  • The nozzle may be extended for injection near the center of a large main pipe for more effective chemical dispersion.
  • The nozzle assembly may be withdrawn and the corporation stop closed without interrupting the use of the main pipe
Product Type: Corporation Stop Assembly
Brand: Pulsafeeder
Material: PVC Injection Nozzle
Length: 18″ Max. Nozzle Insertion Depth (3/8″ OD)
Housing: Brass
Max Pressure (PSI): 150
Connections: 0.75 AWWA (male) to main, 0.5 NPT (female) to injection check valve.
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