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The Stenner FSK100 is a Feed Rate Control Service Kit for Adjustable 45, 85, 100 & 170 Series Pumps. The feed rate control dial may need to serviced overtime.


  • AquaShield Grease for extreme applications. Stenner pumps are used in many demanding applications and the need for the best grease is imperative.
  • Gear Case Replacement Parts. The Stenner FSK100 gear case service kit features grease, metal reduction gear, phenolic gear with spacer, screws, and a motor shaft. This kit will help ensure that your Classic Series 45, 85, 100 & 170 pumps continue to run for years to come.

Stenner FSK100 Compatible Systems:

  • Classic Stenner Adjustable 45, 85, 100 & 170 Series


Qty. Description
1 Lifter
3 Screws
1 Index Plate
1 Variable Cam
1 Tube of AquaShield grease

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


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