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85MFL5A3SUAA Stenner Peristaltic Pump, 85 GPD, 25 PSI, 3/8″ Tubing 115v – 220v available upon request



Product Details
  • Durable and reliable—won’t let you down
  • Ideal for feeding sodium hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide
  • Proprietary long-life tubing lowers maintenance costs
  • UL and CSA approved, and WQA tested to conform to ANSI/NSF STD 76

These pumps are perfect for applications where “air-lock” occurs in traditional diaphragm-type chemical feed pumps. The peristaltic design automatically pushes air bubbles through the pump head and won’t lose prime from gas bubbles when pumping sodium hypochlorite or hydrogen peroxide. Pumps are completely self-priming, can operate dry and will not clog from dirt and minor debris.

Stenner pumps are modular in design, so you can easily swap tubing assemblies on an existing pump to get an entirely new flow range. Changing tubing is easy thanks to the ultra-functional QuickPro® pump head design—no tools required. Simply collapse and expand the roller assembly via the pump’s tube housing cover. All major feeder components are secured by stainless steel locking rivets for quick disassembly without tools.

Fixed rate pumps operate continuously at their maximum speed. Pumps can mounted vertically or horizontally without any effect on priming. When choosing a pump, select the model with the maximum GPD that most closely matches your expected pumping requirements.

Use with aluminum sulfate (alum), ammonium chloride, ammonium hydroxide, ammonium sulfate, 5% calcium hypochlorite, ferric sulfate, 48% fluoride, 37% hydrochloric acid, 50% hydrogen peroxide, magnesium hydroxide, peracetic acid, potassium permanganate, sodium bisulfate, sodium hydroxide (caustic), 15% sodium hypochlorite (chlorine) and 40% sulfuric acid (call for compatibility with other chemicals).

Wetted materials: Santoprene® pump tube with polypropylene adapter fittings, polyethylene suction and discharge tubing, polypropylene/PVC suction strainer and PVC injection fitting.

Includes: mounting bracket, spare tube assembly, injection check valve, 20′ of tubing, ceramic weight for suction tubing, connecting nuts, ferrules and operating manual.

Voltage: 120v

Tubing size: 3/8″

Tube Information: Santoprene #5

Discharge Pressure from 0 to 25 PSI

Vertical or Horizontal Mounting

Featuring QuickPro Pump Head for Easy Tube Changes

Included with the Pump:

Mounting Bracket

Spare Tube

Duckbill Injection check valve

20′ LDPE Polyethylene-NSF/FDA Approved Suction/Discharge Tubing

1 weight for solution Tank

4 Connecting Nuts

4 Ferrules

Instruction booklet