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48721 LMI Unidose Foot Valve



918 in stock


LMI’s [48721 | FOOT VALVE, 920, 930, 940 ] is a valve assembly that is listed as used on LE [920SI, 930SI, 940SI, 928SI, 938SI, 948SI, 828SI, 838SI, 848SI, 828NI, 838NI, 848NI, , ]

Key Specs

Used With: 920SI-250, 920SI-150, 930SI, 940SI, 928SI-250, 928SI-150, 938SI, 948SI, 828SI-150, 828SI-250, 838SI, 848SI, 828NI-150, 828NI-250, 838NI, 848NI, 920HI-150, 930HI, 940HI, 928HI-150, 938HI, 948HI

Additional information

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