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New High Speed Pulsatron A Plus Series

It is with great excitement that Pulsafeeder brings to us the information on the New High Speed Pulsatron A Plus Series product. The new version of these (3) new pumps sizes (S2, S3 and S4) are NOW AVAILABLE FOR SHIPMENT!!

This new offering has gone through extensive testing to deliver outstanding performance in the most demanding applications. Compared to the existing A+ sizes which stroke at a maximum speed of 125 SPM, these (3) new sizes utilize a 250 SPM maximum rate and provide greater flow at higher pressures than has ever been available before:

– LBS2 – 12 GPD at 250 PSI
– LBS3 – 33 GPD at 150 PSI
– LBS4 – 58 GPD at 100 PSI

Call us for prices on these new models. We will be adding them to our line in the net few days.