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ST114 Stenner Line Strainer For Standard 1/4″ Tube


Brand: Stenner Pumps
Product Code: ST114

941 in stock


The Stenner ST114 is a weighted suction line strainer. This line strainer is designed to keep the suction end of the tubing full of media while the weight of the strainer ensures that it remains at the bottom of your tank drum. By increasing the suction power the Stenner ST114 allows the pump to consistently maintain prime even when the pump is not running.

The Stenner ST114 ensures a clean system. The ST114 keeps your tank and pump clean and efficient by filtering out larger particles that may be present and could cause potential damage.
The Stenner ST114 does not disrupt your pump system. The ST114 is weighted and will remain at the bottom of the tank drum. The line strainer is placed on the suction side of the pump for optimal performance.

  • Tube Size: 1/4"
  • Fit all Stenner Pumps
  • For use in any tank media application


Product Details
Sub-Type Strainer
Type Components
Warranty & Certifications
Certifications USA
Shipping Weight & Dimensions
Shipping Length 6 in.
Shipping Width 6 in.
Shipping Height 4 in.
Product Weight & Dimensions
Product Weight (lbs) 0.45

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